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Lionel Trading . is a company that professional production and sales restore cosplay costume and props, Lionel Trading . has ten years of cosplay production experiences, and have excellent cosplay designer, So, come back often to see what's new that's old! If you're looking for a certain something or size, email us and we'll check our stock to see if we can find it for you.

Lionel Trading . focus on to provide professional animation enthusiasts high-quality animation peripheral products and services. Lionel Trading . International Animation team to "build and respected by people like animation brand" freeze to be pursued, the "new, stylish, practical, high-quality" concept into action among the steady stream of the development of dozens of categories nearly ten thousand kinds animation peripheral products, animation product category is confined to break the play product, so the success of anime
consumption among the ranks of mass consumption, a moderate pace and firmly occupied its own power consumption in high-end animation market, was hailed as the industry "diversified interactive animation chain management experts."

Lionel Trading . established in 2005, the domestic animation neighboring industry was in the doldrums, facing ten billion potential gold mine can not start the animation, a lot of animation shop is the dilemma to survive operating bleak. Lionel Trading . international animation feature based on domestic consumption consumption precise positioning of the animation, the animation peripheral retail, anime Cosplay professional photography, animation peripheral DIY scene production, animation costumes custom, will interpret animation shop fun unlimited consumption into paradise, this unique characteristics of the business model, a listing on ignited the enthusiasm of the consumer market, with great success.